Thursday, April 7, 2011

Angry Rant!!!

As I have pointed out elsewhere, if people would just spend half as much time studying their religion from sources outside the bible, as they devote to studying the bible, then they would notice all the contradictions that are in it. But they don't. For something as major as 'possibly burning in hell for an eternity' you would think they would explore a great deal of different faiths and churches, etc; just in case if their initial beliefs was just a smidgen off and god drew the line at that smidge.

I'm so very very tired of making this point to people and the only response I get back is, "well I just know that what I believe is correct. So there is no reason for me to study other ways of life." I don't mean to rag on those of you who actually believe in a god and study their asses off to hopefully get it 'right', but you are a minority.

Most believer's won't even consider the possibility that they are wrong and stay away from researching anything about religion outside of the church; like if they happen to read, "On the Origin of Species," god will send them to hell. WTF!

I was lucky enough to have grandparents that have lived in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and China, and while they are Catholic they still shared with me zeitgeists they came across.

-- Garrett Fogerlie

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