Friday, April 8, 2011

Old Testament Evil God

The Christian religion would be much better off if it was not based on the old testament. The god of the old testament is such a horrible character, in any other book he would have been the villain! A murdering evil lunatic that demands you kill women, children, friends, family, and yourself! He is incredibly jealous and demands that you worship him and mutilate your body. He is a self proclaimed vengeful angry god. He is a racist megalomaniac that has no problem committing genocide. He destroys entire cities because some of its citizens don’t worship him. He’s a bloodthirsty, homophobic ethnic cleanser that makes Hitler and Stalin look like angels. Satan must have been thought of as a welcome reprieve, by the people of the time. He is a jealous and vindictive character and should not be worshipped by anyone!

It is unfortunate that any would religion worships him, yet many do. It’s amazing that the world is as peaceful as it is since a majority of its inhabitants look up to his as a role model. The Christian religion had to include the old testament because without it’s perditions to fulfill the story of Jesus would not have been that popular. It is frankly shocking that over the 15 or so centuries, while the new testament was whittled down to what it is now (see Canonization), that the old testament didn’t undergo the same hacking; removing its horrors and its unforgiving and bloodthirsty god character. Not to mention cleaning up as many possible contradictions as possible. But I assume that doing so would have left only a very small pamphlet consisting mostly of family trees and various pointless meanderings.

-- Garrett Fogerlie

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  1. I think most people really don't believe everything their particular religion purports. They take the bits that make them feel good and stand by those, and when you point out all the other nonsense that they believe in, the somehow shrug it off. The problem with most religious people today is that they all roll their own religion. If that's what they need to do to be happy, whatever, but don't identify with a religious group and then deny standard teaching/doctrine of said religion.