Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plea to Parents

Parents work so hard at sheltering their children from violence, profanity, pornography, bad role models, and so many other things. Yet then every Sunday they send them off to 'Sunday school' where they are exposed to truly horrific stories. Worse then just being exposed to it, they are told to study it and embrace it or else they will be subject to the worst tortures you can imagine, for eternity! Imagine if you told your kids that if they didn't get a good grade they would be tortured, and not just saying the word, but telling them they will be set on fire, etc. That's absurd! Not just absurd but child abuse! Yet every week millions of children are sent to church to be taught how to save their 'souls', taught doubtlessly by someone who's views aren't exactly the same as the parent's. (I should know, as I was raised in this barbaric manner)

With this kind of indoctrination and brainwashing at such a young age it's no wonder that there are extremists willing to kill people so that they may go to heaven!

-- Garrett Fogerlie

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