Saturday, April 23, 2011

Christian Rhetoric

 Churches stress the idea to their members that the world is full of secular non-believers; and that believers are the minority so they should stick together and fight with all they can to prevent ‘Satanists’ from prospering. They train their members on how to combat the heathens. When in reality Christian's/Catholics take up almost 70% of the American population. I know that I'm making their point by promoting Atheism, but both myself and other Atheists/Agnostics are by far the minority. And beyond just being the minority, survey after survey, and debate after debate shows that Atheists are more moral than Christians and Catholics!
 As a member of such a church when I was a child, I was taught lessons, like having a person stand on a chair (representing a Christian being above Non-Christians) and someone standing on the ground tries to pull him down while at the same time the person on the chair is trying to pull the person on the ground up. This was used to show that you shouldn’t associate with non-believers, because it is much more likely that they will pull you down to their level instead of you pulling them 'up' to yours. Personally, I’m fairly sure the bible says to go out and preach to unbelievers, but the idea of segregating yourselves is probably safer, since once you start to learn about your religion from people outside of your family and church, it is more likely that you will notice the problems, inconsistencies and contradictions in your religion. If you haven’t seen the movie call Jesus Camp, a movie that shows children being brainwashed by religious extremists, I suggest you watch it (if you can stomach it). What goes on in the movie is hard to stomach and I think some of it defiantly falls within the bounds of child abuse. They are literally preparing children, little children for a ‘holy war’! Adults are filling young impressionable children with outrageous rhetoric! This must stop! This only breads hate and leads to death; there is no reason why a civilized country should let this happen!

The news (in America, since other countries don’t ban and protest anti-religious programs, at least not like they do in America) is full of minor stories about Atheists that they blow way out of perspective! The fears that religious people have against atheist many make you think that non-believers were the majority of this country, not a minority. President Bush Sr. once said, “I don't know that atheists should be considered citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.” It’s reason like these that we have stopped being so passive! You may think that complaining about the Ten Commandments statue being outside court houses, is a pointless debate, but no! We are berated from all sides; so now we are finally demanding that America follows its own rules! And we are making our voices heard! There has been too much wars started by a group of people that think the world is coming to an end soon, and human life is far less valuable than the ‘next life’!

--Garrett Fogerlie 

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