Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Would You Say to God

I was recently asked, if I died and met God, what would I say to him? I think I would say, if such a scenario actually happened,

“WTF God, could you have described yourself as more of a horrible person, in the Bible? Why did you work so hard to hide your presence? Only announcing your existence to a select few, in a period of time were if any information actually makes it to the 21st century, it should be viewed under extreme scepticism!

Why did you either include or allow mankind to include all the contradictory stories in the Bible? You say you created all life within a few days, then why did you go through such tedious efforts of hiding fossils of different creatures in different rock strata. Why did you, try to trick people by only placing certain types of animals on islands and others elsewhere? Why did you feel the need to murder so many people for not abiding to your will, surly you could have just explained to them (yourself, not through another person) what you would do to them if they continue, so that you don’t just kill off everyone regardless of if some of them were good; causing so much pain and suffering. Or worse, having a human murder for you, causing that person unbearable mental distress!

Why when you created the universe, did you make it so immense that you had to make the light from the stars of these distant galaxies reach earth, so that when mankind gained the ability to judge the time of the universe, it would be incorrect? As if you purposely meant to trick them?

Why didn’t you step in and save your sentient beings from agonising suffering, loss, and the pain of death? Why must we go through all that before we can meet you; and then we are instantly judged by you and possibly sent to a horrible place of eternal torture that you allowed one of your angels (that you didn’t give free will to) to create?

The fact that you did all this makes you completely undeserving of any admiration! You are an evil and vile being!”

I suppose this is the general idea of what I would say.

What about you guys? What would you say to God if you could? Is there any major thing I left out?

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--Garrett Fogerlie


  1. I would want to know why he cared so much about us believing in and worshiping him, and how he could justify punishing us eternally for "mistakes" we made in a few short years of life on earth. Especially when he gave us no tangible evidence that he existed, and in many instances provided evidence that he did not exist. Mortal parents are capable of so much more forgiveness than god is, so does that mean people are better than god?

  2. I can't help but think that God would reply, "Why didn't you ask me these things when you were alive?"

    The absurd part of this article is that it exposes (with all due respect) your infantile view of Religion. Have you ever asked yourself, Garrett, that if these "errors" are so easily seen by yourself, can they also be seen and explained by those who do believe? I'm always struck by atheists who believe reason came into existence when they started reasoning. All of these questions have been asked and to a great degree been answered throughout the centuries by men and women like St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, St. Jerome, St. Catherine of Siena. Or in great works like C.S. Lewis' Problem of Pain; Father Benedict Groshel's Tears of God; and Dr. Peter Kreeft's Making Sense out of Suffering; and classics like St. John of the Cross', Dark Night of the Soul.

    A century ago there were genuinely intellectual atheists who were not concerned with mocking Christianity and other religions. Now a days, atheist's resort to straw man arguments to prove their points while belittling religious people with child-like arguments. (Also, I must note that in St. Thomas' Suma, he poses questions about God existence far outweighed by those asked by atheist, and in his typical fashion he answers his own arguments with reason, science and faith.)

    Another interesting idea that I picked up from this post is that yourself like many atheists seem more like your mad at God rather than disbelieve in Him.

    I don't wanna try and psychoanalyze you, but the anger in your post does seem to indicate a sort of frustration with God rather than a disbelief.

    With respect, Alejandro-
    p.s. In proverbs it says "Iron sharpens iron, and man sharpens man" I do not post with ill intentions but rather because I like you enjoy debating and gaining knowledge of how others contrary to myself think and believe. Peace.

  3. Like you said, many "men" have answered, or at least put forth answers, to those questions; notice how God didn't. I'm not mad at God, that would be like being angry at the wind (with the exception that the wind exists.) I'm mad at the senseless lives that have been lost, the retardation of knowledge, and the belittling of life itself that belief in a God has caused.

  4. Alejandro SanchezMay 1, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    That's right, I did say men have answered some of these important questions, but through prayer they have asked and through reflection they have been answered. Anyone who puts fourth answers has consistently done so through the grace given us by God. God speaks through his people, and by people I include you too.

    I think you could do a lot of justice for yourself if you bothered to study the responses to these questions by some of these great men and women throughout history.

    Also, I think you, like others would gain a vast respect of these men and women who not only use faith to explain such uniquely tough questions but reason as well.

    Throughout the ages, Christians have been on the forefront of Science. And while secularists love to invoke GALILEO as their "patron saint" of the Church vs Science, they gloss over the immense contribution to science the Church performs in hopes to explain God. Men like Louis Pasteur and Fr Georges Lemaitre, a Catholic priest/Physicist who developed the Big Bang Theory.

    No serious atheist would disregard what Christian Doctors have to say about the world, only those who would rather remain in ignorance to bolster their own sense of righteousness.


  5. From alysha - you ask "what would you say to god..,?" hypothesizing that there really is a god/supreme being/creator , but that depends on wheither your supposing that "god" exists or that everything that is said about god (more specifically in the christian faith) exists.
    I think if I were confronted with a god It would be reasonable to assume god really had nothing to do with the writing of the bible or the actions of fundamentalists.
    There's no way that with such lack of evidence so many people got the same ghost story right.
    I would wonder only why this being didn't intervene. But seeing as there have been no intervention yet , only suspiciously unreliable testimony I don't see any reason to believe Any such cognitive superior being is there to intervene in the first place.