Friday, February 17, 2012

“Lynn”– God in the Rear-view Mirror - Lynn - The Agnostic Pastor

Life Without God: An Interview with Tim...

Sam Harris -

Tim Prowse was a United Methodist pastor for almost 20 years and left his faith and career in 2011.

Dawkins Foundation care packages go to...

Jason Torpy - Military Association of...

Dawkins Foundation care packages go to atheists in foxholes

In the Spirit: Some florists won't...

Doug Erickson - Wisconsin State...

In the Spirit: Some florists won't deliver to atheist


- -

The Archbishop of Canterbury and atheist Professor Richard Dawkins are set to go head to head to discuss man's greatest question.

The faithful must learn to respect...

Lawrence Krauss - The Guardian

Tensions between religion and science will persist unless believers recognise that skepticism is a hallmark of science.

Outward displays of belief in God have become a proxy for trustworthiness in the US. Photograph: Matt Rourke/AP

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