Thursday, February 9, 2012

12 Visualizations That Will Change the Way You View Scale in Your World - Drew Skau -

Alzheimer's brain plaques 'rapidly...

James Gallagher - BBC Health

"This is an unprecedented finding. Previously, the best existing treatment for Alzheimer's disease in mice required several months to reduce plaque in the brain."

Gene therapy 'gave me sight back'

Helen Briggs - BBC News - Health

Three US citizens who lost their sight in childhood have reported a dramatic improvement in vision after having gene therapy in both eyes.

Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting...

Victoria Gill - BBC Nature

Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay

America and Eurasia 'to meet at north...

Neil Bowdler - BBC News Science &...

America and Eurasia will crash into each other over the North Pole in 50-200 million years time, according to scientists at Yale University.

Rare Martian meteorite given to science

Anna-Marie Lever, Jonathan Amos - BBC...

"It is as if it has just been blasted off Mars. It is effectively a pristine sample of Mars."

The faithful must learn to respect...

Lawrence Krauss - The Guardian

Tensions between religion and science will persist unless believers recognise that skepticism is a hallmark of science.

Outward displays of belief in God have become a proxy for trustworthiness in the US. Photograph: Matt Rourke/AP

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