Friday, February 10, 2012

Application for Secular Club Rejected at Notre Dame - 2 years in a row - Steven Love -

Their application last year and this year were rejected. This year they were given a run around before the rejection.

Sean Faircloth is scheduled to speak to a group at Notre Dame @7pm on Thursday Feb 16, at DeBartolo Hall, Room 126, South Bend Indiana.

1) We applied last year and got rejected. We applied again this year and just recently got our second rejection letter a couple weeks ago. Two of my fellow classmates and I were the ones who put together the club proposal, wrote up our constitution, etc., but on our unofficial club email list (which we use to send emails about meetings we hold once every other week or every two weeks) currently has 50 people on it - not that they all show up for all of the meetings, but they have all at least expressed enough interest in our group to wish to be on our email list. The rejection letter this year essentially said the same thing as last year, focusing on the fact that we had failed to get the approval of Campus Ministry, despite the fact that we did in fact get the approval of the Philosophy Department, as the University insisted that Campus Ministry, rather than the Philo Department, was the "appropriately impacted department..."

2) There is a Muslim Student Association group active on campus. ( ) University officials never addressed anything about this. The only official contact we've been blessed with by the powers that be has been through our two blunt rejection letters.

3) The Observer wrote one article about us which was very controversial in online forums (from the Observer's website to Reddit to other various blogs and sites which re-posted it). Also, I interviewed with the Religious News Service, and an article they wrote about our club, as well as similar ones as Dayton, Duquesne, etc., was picked up by USA Today and the Washington Post. Below are links to some of these mentioned.

USA Today

Friendly Atheist

Cardinal Newman Society



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