Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Dispel Your Illusions - - - The New York Review of Books

Reason Rally Bus Discount Coupons

- - Reason Rally

Reason Rally Bus Discount Coupons

Ferroelectric switching discovered for...

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Ferroelectric switching discovered for first time in soft biological tissue

Rock Beyond Belief - just a note about...

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Rock Beyond Belief - Saturday March 31st - Main Post Parade Field, Fort Bragg, NC

Please note that a valid photo ID is needed to get on post.

“Adam”–Telling God Goodbye

- - The Agnostic Pastor

“Adam”–Telling God Goodbye

Mice sing to impress the girls,...

- - University of Veterinary...

The house mouse, spe­cies Mus mus­cu­lus. Male house mice pro­­duce me­lo­di­ous songs to at­­tract mates, not un­­like many birds, ac­­cord­ing to new re­search. (Im­age cour­te­sy Maine Dept. of Ag­ri­cul­ture)

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