Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Proclamation - Darwin Week - Mayor, City of Kamloops BC - Kamloops BC, Canada

In praise of Richard Dawkins

Carlo Fonseka - The Island (Sri Lanka)

Lost Charles Darwin fossils...

- - BBC News - Science & Environment

A "treasure trove" of fossils - including some collected by Charles Darwin - has been re-discovered in an old cabinet.

Will a new HMS Beagle set sail in 2013?

Peter McGrath - The Guardian

The HMS Beagle Project is seeking a port in the UK where a modern replica of the ship that carried Darwin on his famous voyage will be built.

Darwin censored by the Turkish...

Tom Chivers - The Telegraph

Mmm... hot hot Darwin porn, as banned by
the Turkish government

Darwin publishes On the Origin of...

- - OUPblog (Oxford University Press)

Charles Darwin the economist

Robert H. Frank - Los Angeles Times

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